Why buy in and not in a physical store?

Why buy in and not in a physical store?

1º) Generally save enough money on the same purchase.

2º) Also saves time in the purchase, which equals money.

3º) The warranties are handled quickly and with no shipping cost, therefore any incident did not involve any extra cost. All the management is free.

4°) Often delivery times are faster than in some stores that do not have stock. If we do not have any products we will indicate the period of availability.

5°) The catalog is larger and higher quality products. Agreements with leading manufacturers we do have advantageous conditions.

And if we have not yet convinced ... why buying?


People who visit our website for the first time are often done this question, more so when there are apparently many stores "like" in Spain. Our customers in Spain knows the reasons why they choose us as your furniture store commercial. These reasons are numerous and distinguish us from the competition. We offer:

1º) Actual stock, to meet their orders with the utmost urgency. A high percentage of our catalog are in stock to be served immediately. Unlike many other stores, when you see the available "in stock" is that it really is in stock in our main warehouse.

2º) Highly competitive pricing. We update our prices every week, so we always offer the latest prices, discounts, etc., resulting in good prices.

3º) Experience in online sales. We know the needs of our customers and what they value most when buying a product. Through online sales we have managed to loyalty of hundreds of thousands of customers in Spain that they consider us to be their benchmark for commercial furniture purchases.

4°) We inform you at all times the status of your order: When you purchase, when the payment is made, when it is sent or when you encounter a problem that delayed the shipment of the order. In all these cases you will receive a notification via email, so you always know where is your order. Even once sent can check the shipping status in real time by connecting directly to the server of the carrier through our website. Besides, we send an SMS to your mobile phone when your order is shipped.

5º) Customer Support via email, phone or live chat, to give our customers personalized service and help them all you ask. Our contact form offers an effective solution because it addresses the person responsible of the department.

6º) Department specifically created to give our customers a fast and efficient customer service. All our products have a minimum guarantee of 2 years. We also help answer your questions about any product. A product that is under warranty and have any problem, will be processed repair or replacement at no cost to you.

7º) Commitment to customer satisfaction. We offer a 7 day trial for all items*, if not satisfied with your purchase, you just have to indicate it, and we refund the amount of product(s) that does not meets with the expectatives, or we will offer the possibility to replace it if you desire. In this case you would simply pay the shipping costs.
* Excluding special items as detailed in the conditions of sale, click here for more information

8°) Multiple forms of payment: COD, credit card, paypal, bank transfer or deposit, financing and cash (retail store only).

9º) Leading brands with manufacturer's warranty against any damage, always we will answer you. We do not have the largest catalog, but we can say that we have a very selective list of high quality. We strive in which the articles that appear in the catalog they are the best products of the moment, eliminating problematic or not recommendable products that they can cause problems and headaches for our customers.

10°) Finally and most important point from our point of view, have a great group of professionals working for you dedicated solely to meet your needs. For us, the best is to be always by and for our customers.

If our competitors imitate us every step or every innovation we do in our web, there must be for something good!

If you are not a customer we invite you to check everything we offer with every purchase


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