- Delivery times for shipments by SEUR:

  • • SEUR URGENTE 24 hours (Madrid, Rest of the Spanish peninsula, Portugal peninsula and Andorra).
  • • SEUR STANDARD 48 hours (Balearic Islands).
  • • SEUR MARITIMO 7-10 days (Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla).
  • • SEUR CLASSIC 4-7 days for shipping to the European Union.

- Delivery times for shipments by DHL:

  • • DHL EXPESS 24/48 hours.

- Delivery times for shipments by Envialia:

  • • ENVIALIA maximum 72 hours. It can be delivered within the first 3 days since the departure of the expedition. Not included Portugal peninsula.

- We can not guarantee these delivery times, although we strive to make the carrier complies with the terms offered.

- These limits begin to run from the date on which payment has been confirmed total order, either by Transfer or Deposit Bank, or Credit / Debit card with secure payment (for reference, bank transfers made from entities other than MCM works, it could take 1 or 2 days to confirming the payment, also with credit / debit card).

- The contracted service is door to door.

- To provide better service and faster delivery to our customers, Mobiliario Comercial Maniquíes Ruiz S.L. can change the carrier of an order, cause the agency chosen has already collected or was unable to pickup.

- Delivery times depend on the availability of each product, which is indicated in each and every one of the products offered. When ordering several items including a unique shipment and delivery will correspond to the item for which delivery is greater.

- An order will be considered delivered when the delivery receipt signed by the customer. It is in the next 24 hours when the client should check the products upon receipt of them and expose all the objections that may exist.


- Upon receipt of the order the customer will have 24 hours to verify the integrity of all components of the order and to verify that it includes everything you need in the products covered. Please specify on the delivery note any abnormalities, damage or defects in the package or merchandise (help deal with any possible impact faster). After these 24 hours will be accepted for shipment and will not accept claims for damage or faults with the shipment.

- If you receive a damaged product in the shippment is advisable to contact us within the first 24 hours to claim the incident to the carrier. Likewise it is appropriate to inform the carrier:

  • •  ENVIALIA: 00 34 902 65 61 32
  • •  SEUR: 00 34 91 322 80 80
  • •  DHL: 00 34 91 723 36 45

- Then must know your case through our contact form by clicking here, indicating the order number, enclosing photographs of the damage and brief description of the problem presented. Upon receipt of the impact will be dealt a new shipment if required by you.


- Shipping costs shown on are derived from the agreements reached with transport agencies. These prices are made available to our customers without making a profit for this item. With this policy, Mobiliario Comercial Maniquíes Ruiz S.L. wants to get their products to all locations at an affordable price and quality service.

- This site will automatically calculate shipping to your home and according to weight or volume of all selected items to the shopping cart.

- The calculation of the final weight of a product is determined either by net weight or by volumetric weight (height * width * length * cubic capacity ratio of the carrier). The sum of all the final weights of each product will result in the final weight of the order.


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