All prices have applied a discount of 2% valid for payments by bank transfer, bank deposit or payment in cash. If payment is done in a manner different from the above will not be performed the 2% discount. We provide different ways to make payments for your orders:

  • Transfer or deposit bank. With this method of payment, you make payment in advance, or making the transfer of the order amount from your bank or by making the deposit in one of our entities. With this method of payment is not paid any commission and can benefit from promotions. Remember that orders by transfer will be saved 4 working days pending receipt the payment, excluding weekends, beginning the day after ordering, after this time will be automatically deleted. Payment recommended to reduce commissions and to access prices with the discount from 2% pre-applied as indicated on the website.
  • Cash on delivery. You pay the order when it delivers the carrier. This form of payment carries a 5% commission on the total order by collection management costs charged by the carrier. This payment method overrides the pre-applied 2% discount on prices.
  • Credit / debit card. This payment is immediate, completely secure and verified by VISA or MASTERCARD. All payments made using this method of payment will be validated by your bank and if accepted it will be sent automatically and instantly. Requires a security key to perform this type of online payments. Ask your bank if you dont know your security key for secure payments online shops. We accept VISA / VISA Electron and MasterCard / Maestro. This payment method overrides the pre-applied 2% discount on prices.
  • Paypal. Secure payment solution that enables buyers and businesses to send and receive money online. No need to enter bank details are only required to have a Paypal account set up and may make payments only by entering your email and password. Using this method of payment will cancel the 2% discount pre-applied in price and will add a 3.5% management fee. More info click here.
  • Financing. This payment is subject to prior acceptance by Cetelem and usually takes 3/4 days to be accepted. Cetelem will contact with you to ask your data and once they accepted the payment, they will notify immediately to us. This payment method overrides the pre-applied 2% discount on prices.
  • Payment in cash. This payment is only possible if the order is picked up at our facility, provided the amount does not exceed that established by law for this method of payment.

NOTE: The billing date will always be the same delivery date of the order.

We hope that all these payment methods suit their needs, we work very hard to satisfy our customers. Any questions you may have about payment options please contact our customer service number.


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  • Pack female bust form + Curved wood cap + Woodturnings base

    Female bust form for sewing or exhibiting...

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