Busts and torsos

Busts and torsos
Mannequin busts
You will find a variety of busts of couture lingerie, swimwear, full, desktop or hanging. In a variety of colors and sizes.

Mannequin torsos
You can also find torsos polyethylene or porexpan (cork), in a variety of poses and colors, man or woman. With or without shoulders, with or without legs.

Offers complete busts and torsos
We also offer a number of packs BUST + BASE + TOP unbeatable prices. As if that were not enough, on the tab of each product IMPORTANT DISCOUNTS FOR AMOUNTS buying.

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busts and torsos

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Our packs

  • Pack female bust form + Curved wood cap + Woodturnings base

    Female bust form for sewing or exhibiting...

    56,31 €

    - 9.09 %